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martin barnard :
touch my hand
its only me, listen
im here.
come to stand
in sultry fields
with you.
and now
old dummy day
i know
is over this way.
im laughing
saw you gonna kiss me
you see
yeah as i said.
one day she wont
a lonely bird
judgement day
saw the world its gone
sold the sea
a lot how it feels to me.
i hate the word its sad to see
i take your weight
and your heart fades away
today a renegade
to lay in woods
by the pheasants.
i mean it
you dont
force on my head
kill our nightmare.
a lonely bird, a lonely bird
a lonely bird, a lonely bird
a lonely bird, alone.
colour me
cover me in the colour that reminds you
could make the same mistake
and you would never know
that i am, that i am
alone, now.
something, something
tells me that you
have something
on, all of us now
youre heaven
taking over me now
colour me hate
raw little nerve
colour me and pull us
only home
me home.
hold the sun down
hold the sun down
hold the moon down
leave me to rest
want the world man
too the words out
only relief is
to slip through the nets
hold a minute
and stop a minute
and go, oh oh
hold a minute
you said to me
said to me and
breath, breath, breath, breath, breath...
you said it to me
sometime later.


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