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work of art ark sz

the whisper of a weak winter breeze
wakes the trees to life
the sun slowly rises
behind a mountain
covered in a cape of snow
my gaze wanders
past an eternity of blue

the clouds gather and shadows the earth
from them the rain falls
like torrential streams
part of a cycle of life and death
the wind rises and invites the waters
to a wild and incomprehensible dance

a crack in the clouds, light from the sun
a huge and beautiful bow
with all its colours
reminding everyone of the promise

the sight of this unique nature
surprises my soul
with a peaceful joy

the clouds take over
the magnificence of the sun
the contour of the moon far away
and the sparkling of the stars
on a night blue sky
king of the night
and servants of the night
silence rules the hours of darkness
and lets us rest
or reflect on this incredible work
in the hands of humanity


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