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the prodigal son ark sz

why did i leave?
lost, fooled, confused

crawling in the mud with pigs
starved to death
discouragement strangeling me
i have no breath

full of sorrow and despair
the father lets his son away
challenging the world without fear
unknown of the evil atmosphere

imperfect man, imprudent mind
disobediant to the call of god

exhaustion becomes perdominant
hell on earth is where i am

im longing back to a life in peace
with abundance of food
and plenty of water

ill return to my fathers house
and tell him im worthless as his son
father please forgive me
for i have sinned against you

regretting man, independant mind
attraction to the call of god

with open arms the father
welcomes his son back
he was dead and became alive
he was lost and has been found

spiritual satisfaction
inner peace
comes from the father


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