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tears of bitterness ark sz

divine security, heartfelt certainty
but my faith was soon turned to doubt
when everything around me fell apart

a broken foundation
no unity remains, i was abandoned
left alone, put away, god forsaken
the downfall of my faith

the peace and safety fades away
a glance towards the sky
so unreachable without signs
im drifting towards the unknown

the solitude surrounds me
and the loneliness drains my strength
old memories dawns upon me
your light, your warmth

my god, my god
why have you forsaken me
when i need you the most
where are you to find?

my faith in you has vanished
ive tried long enough
you seem further away than ever
will i ever trust you again?

tears of bitterness
the broken hope within
is this what you promised me
the day i gave my life to you?
a wish, a longing towards the sky
but still encircled
by lucifers freezing shadow
god if you really exist
illuminate the path that leads me back

thoughts penetrate my mind
words from the past come to life
a light from above melts my callous heart

the lord is good to those
who seek and wait for him


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