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reflections of a broken soul ark sz

i fooled myself again
trusting an illusion
of what i thought to be
never ceasing love
i burned myself again
leaving scars that never heal
becoming cynical
to this thing called love

look into my mind
fragments of what i desired
in this state i cry
father please wont you show me

show me how
to stop it now
cleanse my mind
help me find

my soul is an open wound
filled with salt of sadness
was this my destiny
to be left alone
i nurse my misery
leave no room for anyone
still i am cynical
to this thing called love

a pale reflection
of a broken soul
slips through these eyes
full of tears
emotional blackout

i cannot trust my own feelings
my sorrow eats me up inside

learn from mistakes
see what it takes
my feelings fail
your love remains


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