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psychopath ark sz

opposer of the one you claim to serve
your self-righteousness
breeding arrogance and pride
justifying legalism with a distorted
perception of submission
salvation by grace,
christianity by performance

lust for power, desire to rule,
the beauty of life
the feeling of guilt, your weapon of choice
to control the hearts and thoughts
of the ones you say you love
they are but shadows
in the periphery of your ego
you are the super-christian,
empowered and installed by god
no sin. no mistakes

psychopath - blinded by hypocrisy
psychopath - actions of inadequacy

your moral rearmament of others
developing shallow minds
with a total lack of identity
stealing their freedom, the one that was
bought at a high price
no compassion - no love
the intoxication of power feeding your ego
while your 150 are going to hell
oblivious to the masquerade,
the idyllic facade
pulled over their eyes
to blind them from the truth


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