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paradigms ark sz

the worship of creation
seeming endless
but it will end
and every knee shall bow

thoughts of a coincidental existence
and a futureless world corrodes into the
spinal chord of the narcissistic man
a paradigm shift for worse
my ego is my god
given authority by the enlightenment
of science,
the enlightenment of the age of freedom
freedom - the name in which we legalize all
the name in which we tolerate all

credibility for truth, image for substance
weakness and failure
- unbearable elements in life
subtly opposed through an endless flow of
constantly replaced trends, neither allowed
to mature nor to fade
the surroundings,
a mirror reflecting the signals
of admiration that makes my identity
a constant egocentricity providing a
purging of anything threatening popularity

the peak of this shallowness
displayed by the so-called stars
in their quest for self-actualisation
this beautiful people experiencing
the illusion of narcissistic prosperity,
uncritically and boundlessly admired,
simply for their own sake


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