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human frailties grave ark sz

a life worn out by endless reflections
has shattered every single last hope of rising again
has defied your advise and counseling
the sinful nature causes a weak discipline
and drags me to the human frailties grave

self inflicted wounds
innumerable false steps
unforgivable mistakes repeated to a frightening agree
gradually growing conscious of the habit-forming addiction
through me all actions fail

the human weaknesses
are once again at force
in unrecognizable shapes
new structures each time
fragile symptoms constantly show new characteristic sides

i myself am weak, am nothing
uncontrolled line of thought color my manners
i know there is more to reach for
i know where strength is found
the overflowing, everlasting source
within you my maker

with you by my side
the safely directed journey
in me, around me, your presence
enriches, creates, gives life
you offer completeness,
you are hope


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