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clear sky ark sz

so some say somehow
who was high stays down
i dont think you understand me
i dont see your fault lies
i just wanna talk for now
and though the way i struggle
it grab and take hold of me
always the one
and always enough to be
the ultrasound strike in the sea
let me open
that ill crash sometime
im lucky for now
stir me round
hes spawned a war
so run from him
its something in his blood
its all because of a rushing heart
of course, hes made a plan
his sailor wants clear sky
droop just now
has the face of calm
and youre on top of the world
the planet didnt know
that earth will forever be forgot
until you dared know
someone will win to better things
no one told me
im glad youre told
i dont strike alot
and say only
your moment here
is slowing up


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