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wasted life ark sz

trapped in a cgae
behind these steel iron bars
left to stare at the world where
there is nothing withing grasp
the price that you pay when
you are no naive
it is a time to count your blessings
a time to swallow grief

wasted life

the fine line that you walk is
made for one to trip
to absorb the shocks you take
but give you little grip
replenish the supply of anger in
your eyes
cut you a little slack and
take you from behind

wasted life

fear, pain, desire, greed, torture, trust, revenge, loss

smother any flame
before it gets a chance to burn
put aside all trauma that
you have seend or heard
you only get one life
the once chance you get
living one day at a time
will be your one regret

wasted life


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