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spanish bonita ark sz

whats it gonna take to make you see
youre the only girl thats meant for me
i think im in love with you
my spanish bonita
you got me in the palm of your hand
girl i gotta make you understand
i think im in love with you
my spanish bonita

saw you at the beach late last night
ive never seen a girl look so fine
you are the one for me
and i just cant stop thinking bout her constantly
and i dont even care about your man
because he could never treat you like i can
girl whats it gonna be
yo mommy are you feelin me

b- section
baby can we meet later tonight
girl you know its just right. this love you cant deny


now im sittin in my car with you
hopin that theres somethin we can do
baby whats on your mind
im so glad that you are here with me tonight
do you think that we could take a ride
and stroll down by the ocean side
so i can tell you how
i feel about you now

b- section
cant believe im here with you tonight
and it feels so right
to be by your side

baby glad you know its plain to see
that youre the one thats livin in my fantasy
all i need to know is that youre feelin me
my spanish bonita x2



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