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not ready for goodbye ark sz

sittin here staring at the wall
another lonely tear falls
im tryin to write you this song
but i can hardly see the page at all
cause its breaking my heart
when i look in your eyes
and i dont see me anymore
when youre all im living for
baby tell me that you still believe
that you still love me
the way i love you
if you take your love away from me
you know i will die
cause im not ready for goodbye
baby please pick up the phone
tell me im crazy
i got it all wrong
i dont know what im gonna do
i dont know how to live without you
you are the first song
my heart ever heard
and baby i
i believe every word
you are my heart
my soul
my world
every breath that i take
every beat of my heart
you know its all for you
i wanna hold you
i wanna love you
forever and always
chorus 2x


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