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get down ark sz

just got done workin
on my way home and sittin on the 405
friday night its the weekend all day thinkin
what im gonna do tonight
i called my boys to see if they
wanna a go and chill tonight
now its on so were to the spot
where the musics cool and the girls are hot

its friday night im feeling good
i cashed my paycheck and i should
go and spread myself around
find a girl and get on down

everybodys dancin on the floor
either by themselves or with someone
i know you didnt come to stand around
so if you want to groove then lets get down
everybodys feelin good tonight
the girls in the place are just so fine
i know you didnt come to stand around
so if you want to groove then lets get
down down down down x2

chillin on the dance floor, getting my groove on
floatin on a natural high, white, black, puerto rican,
everybodys feelin, just so good tonight
my girl is fly she knows i like
that way shes dancin with me tonight
im feelin like the man now,
i dont really care if we dance all night

so dont be shy nobody cares
throw your hands up in the air
fellas dont just stand around
find a girl and get on down

if its been awhile since you had a real good time
the feelins good and everythings alright
so if you want to groove
then let your body move
cause this partys goin till the break of dawn
get into the groove and lets get down

chorus (out)
written by jamie jones, geoff gill, martin kember


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