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ac/dc, ac/dc arklar, ac/dc ark szleri
1.aint no fun509
2.are you ready503
3.baby please dont go762
4.back in black4059
5.back in business406
6.bad boy boogie458
9.beating around the bush450
10.bedlam in belgium463
11.big balls538
12.big gun586
14.boogie man573
15.borrowed time422
16.brain shake429
17.breaking the rules456
18.burning alive458
19.can i sit next to you girl490
20.carry me home388
21.caught with your pants down509
23.cold hearted man537
24.cover you in oil418
25.crabsody in blue487
27.deep in the hole501
28.dirty deeds done dirt cheap447
29.dog eat dog470
30.down on the borderline412
31.down payment blues434
32.evil walks519
33.fire your guns686
34.first blood568
35.flick of the switch494
36.fly on the wall453
38.get it hot799
39.gimme a bullet488
40.girls got rhythm475
41.given the dog a bone423
42.go down475
43.go zone475
44.gone shootin739
45.goodbye & good riddance to bad luck387
46.got you by the balls475
47.guns for hire425
48.hail caesar429
49.hard as a rock482
50.have a drink on me510
52.hell aint a bad place to be500
53.hell or high water453
54.hells bells447
55.high voltage484
56.highway to hell444
57.if you dare858
58.if you want blood497
59.inject the venom441
60.its a long way to the top574
62.kicked in the teeth497
63.kissin dynamite447
65.let me put my love into you476
66.let there be rock448
67.lets make it443
68.lets get it up564
69.little lover410
70.live wire466
71.love at first feel397
72.love bomb607
73.love hungry man504
74.love song430
76.mistress for christmas409
78.nervous shakedown453
79.nick of time377
80.night of the long knives501
81.night prowler503
83.playing with girls391
84.problem child483
85.put the finger on you443
86.ride on491
87.riff raff442
88.rip rock in peace524
89.rising power439
90.rock and roll aint noise pollution492
91.rock your little heart out466
93.rocknroll damnation596
94.rocknroll singer473
95.ruff stuff482
96.school days434
97.send for the man453
98.shake a leg431
99.shake your foundations408
100.shes got balls522
101.shoot to thrill501
102.shot down in flames437
103.shot of love428
104.show business710
105.sin city481
106.sink the pink483
107.snake eye455
109.some sin for nuthin538
110.soul stripper431
113.stand up905
114.stick around505
115.thats the way i wanna rocknroll453
116.the honey roll390
117.the jack428
118.the razors edge475
119.theres gonna be some rockin535
120.this house is on fire515
121.this means war483
124.touch too much452
125.twos up452
126.up to my neck in you414
127.walk all over you406
128.what do you do for money honey405
129.whats next to the moon483
130.whiskey on the rocks452
131.who made who473
132.whole lotta rosie442
133.you aint got a hold on me488
134.you shook me all night long418
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