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bing crosby, bing crosby arklar, bing crosby ark szleri
1.ac-cend-tchu-ate the positive417
3.arent you glad youre you469
5.blue skys482
6.brother, can you spare a dime393
8.count your blessings367
9.dan after forever461
10.desar hearts and gengle people392
12.dont fence me in501
13.down the old ox road394
14.far away places373
15.from monday on416
16.gay love812
17.i cant begin to tell you464
18.i found a million dollar baby361
19.i love you506
20.i surrender, dear398
21.in the cool, cool, cool of the evening340
22.its been a long time453
23.its easy to remember487
24.its the natural thing to do463
25.ill be home for christmas if only in my dreams495
26.ill be seeing you652
27.im an old cowhand from the rio grande435
28.im dreaming of awhite christmas655
29.im in the seventh heaven534
30.im through with love647
31.ive got a pocketful of dreams709
32.june in january393
33.just one more chance403
34.learn to croon373
35.let me whisper i love you494
37.love in bloom401
38.love is just around the corner435
39.macnamaras band503
40.mexicali rose504
41.moonlight becomes you405
42.my pet963
43.now is the hour422
44.ol man river557
45.on the atchison, topeka and the santa fe354
46.only forever448
47.out of nowhere328
48.play a simple melody355
49.put it there pal367
50.rudolph the red-nosed reindeer411
51.south america, take it away344
52.straight down in the middle370
53.sunday, monday or always2085
55.swinging on a star395
56.the bells of stmarys503
57.the road to marocca396
58.too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral thats an irish lullaby532
59.true love780
60.what are you waiting for, mary424
61.where the blue of the night459
62.white christmas470
63.you took advantage of me364
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