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billy squier, billy squier arklar, billy squier ark szleri
1.all night long362
2.all we have to give532
3.alone in your dreamsdont say goodbye542
6.break down434
7.break the silence391
8.cant get next to you509
10.come home396
11.conscience point321
12.dont let me go643
13.dont say no546
14.dont say you love me637
15.emotions in motion452
16.everybody wants you425
17.eye on you375
18.facts of life376
19.fall for love370
22.hands of seduction357
24.i need you425
25.i put a spell on you377
26.in the dark398
27.in your eyes373
28.it keeps you rockin495
29.keep me satisfied397
30.l-o-v-e four letter word425
31.lady with a tenor sax400
32.learn how to live387
33.listen to the heartbeat392
34.lonely is the night391
35.lonely one468
36.love is the hero415
38.lovin you aint so hard593
40.mine tonite423
41.my kinda lover447
42.nerves on ice388
43.nobody knows353
44.not a color378
45.one good woman355
47.reach for the sky373
48.rhythm/a bridge so far421
49.rock me tonite344
50.rock out/punch somebody397
51.she goes down396
52.shes a runner589
53.shocked straight398
54.shot o love469
55.strange fire382
56.stranger to myself347
58.sweet release405
59.take a look behind ya383
60.the girls all right579
61.the stroke372
62.the work song380
63.tied up418
64.til its over510
66.too daze gone391
67.tryin to walk a straight line427
68.whadda you want from me506
69.wink of an eye433
70.you know what i like387
71.young at heart387
72.your love is my life397
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