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unbelievable ark sz

you burden me with your questions
youd have me tell no lies
youre always asking what its all about
but dont listen to my replies
you say to me i dont talk enough
but when i do im a fool
these times ive spent, ive realized
im going to shoot through
and leave you

the things, you say
your purple prose just gives you away
the things, you say
youre unbelievable

you burden me with your problems
by telling me more than mine
im always so concerned
with the way you say
youve always go to stop
to think of us being one
is more than i ever know
but this time, i realize
im going to shoot through
and leave you

seemingly lastless, dont mean
you can ask us
pushing down the relative
bringing out your higher self
think of the fine times
pushing down the better few
instead of bringing out the clues
to what the world and everything anger to
brace yourself with the grace of ease
i know this world aint what it seems.

what the fuck was that
its unbelievable


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