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theyre here ark sz

(beautiful exists, simply for its own sake)

im breathing with a sinking earth
gasping for breath feeling hurt
showing my rage as i turn the pages
reading the words and between the spaces
could it be, could it only be
the love weve lost was all we got
tell me the earth turns for the worst
ill tell your words are blind and cursed

im waiting for the world to change
turn around, change the way
we breed ignoration of beauty and creation
a non stop battle with life in the saddle
could it be, could it only be
the things that have been left to bleed
tell me now with all honesty
this precious world of yours is free

and if you see me staring
you know that im not here
im searching for reasons to overcome the fear

theyre here, theyre here, around me
he stands, he stands, beside me
could it be could it only be

competing with the loud demands
see the sights and hear the sounds
of desperation of war and creation
the earth must cost and now were faking
could it be, could it only be
chances slip through our fingertips
tell me the earth turns for the worse
ill tell your words are not the first

repeat chorus


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