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way too many dreams
get lost in silent screams
how can you count the cost of a city
bursting at the seams
with red lights, quiet sinners
killer cops, t.v. dinners
a wind of change for all the deadheads
that need blowing away

i blew you far away to have a dream
and you came back to say its out there
dont let it get away
but still youre here with hours to kill
youre murdered so many, youre serially ill
youll wait for another
and youll kill again

show me your skin
i need to get in

why did you do it
was it just for fun
to put me out the picture
or out of misery
was it a shock
was it a plea
was it a question, tell me
did you get any answers?

show me your skin
i need to get in

have you seen what its like
to be really free
or is everything a mess
like it is inside
is it a test
a russian roulette
a gamble with life
or just a bet?

is it london town
is it n.y.c
is it anarchy
tell me did you get any answers?

show me your skin
i need to get in


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