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glass smash jack ark sz

jimmy jack, flash smash
broken bottle, broken crash
shooting rotten, rotten hash
drinking bottles, what an arse up
what a slip up, shouting flipping
screamers, laughers, trippers tripping
now my grasp on realitys slipping
my straight-jacket aint fitting

glass smash jack is having a bash

see me now i have the mark
see me glowing in the dark
play at night in the park
balls and razors, what a lark
knives and guns, guns are fun
im on the run from falling over
over-dosed on four-leaf clover
a drink with byte ill call it rover

glass smash jack wants you
everybody wants you
wants your co-operation

jack smash has a mission
he is in a delicate position
for the performance of his ploy
to do and then destroy
preferably with a hat
its quite a trip to hell and back
and rather warm when youre in to bat
and its really isnt cricket

glass smash jack wants you... etc

mischiefs done no turning back
youre on your own now jimmy jack
and all those memories that you bring
from childhood to the power thing
dont they haunt you
dont cry
and dont you hate
and dont you wish
it wasnt too late


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