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dog ark sz

bring out your death thoughts
lets start again
building to break
natural to hate
youre tired of your reason to be

part of something when i know it when im high
part of nothing when i know it when i crack

and i could be your god
i could be your love
and i could be your dog
and i could be more

and i could be your
tinker tailor soldier sailor rich man poor man male or female
look in detail for a sign
the crown of thorns is mine
be my subject
my accessory to murder cuz i wanna get on further


my life depends on profit
what i am and what im not
all i ever wanna be
is only a shadow of how you see me

and if you didnt look
being part of it requires dedication
its what i need
its inspiration
its what i feed on
its what i need when i bleed
empty head empty head empty head



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