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ballad o the bishop ark sz

ive been out all night
ive been out drinking

what will you do
when you just cant see
will you break like a branch
or will you stand like a tree?
will you scream like the wind?
will you stay in the breeze?
are you crushed by my will
or will you do what you please?

ive been out seeing the sunrise
ive been out thinking

what will you do
when you dont feel good?
will you fall apart
or will you do what you should?
will you break your rules?
will you make it right?
will you just let go
or will you put up a fight?

what will you do
when you cant stand still
will you make your move
or will you just stay put?
are you sad to be still
when theres places to go
can you keep it together
do you really, really know?
whats gonna happen
when its do or die?
will you face the truth
or will you just let it lie?
will you sail on through
will you just get by?
can you stand on two feet
or will you just get high?

ive been out seeing the days in
ive been out drinking


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