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billie holiday, billie holiday arklar, billie holiday ark szleri
1.a fine romance410
2.a foggy day376
3.a sailboat in the moonlight387
4.a sunsetbonnet blue and a yellow straw hat382
5.aint nobodys business if i do455
6.all of me391
7.all or nothing at all400
8.all the way412
10.am i blue426
11.any old time385
12.april in my heart433
13.april in paris367
14.as time goes by425
15.autumn in new york357
16.baby get lost351
17.baby, i dont cry over you504
18.baby, wont you please come home481
19.back in your own backyard374
20.beyond the sea la mer462
21.big stuff383
22.billies blues808
23.blue moon541
24.blue turning grey over you402
25.body and soul344
26.born to love348
27.but beautiful550
28.but not for me359
29.cant help lovin dat man492
31.cheek to cheek346
32.come rain or come shine394
33.comes love359
34.crazy he calls me354
35.darn that dream438
36.day in, day out388
37.deep song395
38.did i remember433
39.do nothin till you hear from me538
40.do you know what it means to miss new orleans322
41.do your duty350
42.dont explain672
43.dont worry bout me511
44.dream of life453
45.easy living482
46.easy to love363
47.easy to remember379
48.eeny meeny miney mo620
49.embraceable you379
50.everybodys laughing487
51.everything happens for the best396
52.everything happens to me357
53.everything i have is yours360
54.falling in love again416
55.farewell to storyville399
56.fine and mellow343
57.foolin myself498
58.for all we know419
59.for heavens sake531
60.forget if you can363
61.georgia on my mind421
62.getting some fun out of life358
63.ghost of yesterday564
64.gimmie a pigfoot and a bottle of beer335
65.girls were made to take care of boys308
66.glad to be unhappy359
67.gloomy sunday313
68.god bless the child384
69.good morning heartache391
70.guess who451
72.havin myself a time515
73.he aint got rhythm544
74.hello, my darling517
75.here it is tomorrow again375
76.hes funny that way472
77.how am i to know492
78.how could you405
79.how deep is the ocean367
80.i cant believe that youre in love with me421
81.i cant get started504
82.i cant give you anything but love baby589
83.i cant pretend569
84.i cover the waterfront382
85.i cried for you487
86.i didnt know what time it was435
87.i dont know if im coming or going451
88.i dont stand a ghost of a chance449
89.i get a kick out of you374
90.i get along without you very well385
91.i got it bad and that aint good400
92.i gotta right to sing the blues375
93.i hadnt anyone till you418
94.i hear music394
95.i love my man billies blues524
96.i love you porgy639
97.i must have that man313
98.i only have eyes for you428
99.i thought about you312
100.i wish i had you436
101.i wished on the moon406
102.if dreams come true518
103.if i didnt care515
104.if i were you433
105.if my heart could only talk421
106.if the moon turns green398
107.if you were mine513
108.ill wind421
109.isnt this a lovely day501
110.it had to be you381
111.its a sin to tell a lie733
112.its easy to blame the weather334
113.its like reaching for the moon421
114.its not for me to say581
115.its the same old story511
116.its the same old story473
117.ill be around582
118.ill be seeing you521
119.ill get by597
120.ill look around529
121.ill never be the same843
122.ill never fail you573
123.ill never smile again565
124.im a fool to want you422
125.im affraid the masquerade is over538
126.im all for you552
127.im gonna lock my heart and throw away the key488
128.im in a low down groove505
129.im painting the town red423
130.im pulling through491
131.im yours577
132.ive got a date with a dream459
133.ive got my love to keep me warm363
134.jeepers creepers570
136.just friends524
137.just one of those things399
138.keeps on rainin523
139.lady sings the blues401
140.laughing at life413
141.left alone476
142.lets call a heart a heart362
143.lets call the whole thing off514
144.lets do it529
145.lets dream in the moonlight580
146.life begins when youre in love443
147.long gone blues359
148.love for sale341
149.love me or leave me459
150.loveless love409
151.lover come back to me366
152.lover man oh, where can you be321
153.mandy is two384
154.me, myself and i are all in love with you323
155.mean to me423
156.miss brown to you390
157.moanin low513
158.mood indigo422
160.moonlight in vermont441
161.more than you know427
162.my first impression of you340
163.my man458
164.my old flame399
165.my sweet hunk otrash582
166.nice work if you can get it340
167.night and day337
168.no good man416
169.no regrets433
171.now or never405
172.now they call it swing408
173.on the sentimental side332
174.on the sunny side of the street335
175.one for my baby and one more for the road328
176.one never knows, does one358
177.one, two, button your shoe391
178.our love is different388
179.our love is here to stay370
180.pennies from heaven321
181.please dont do it in here407
182.please keep me in your dreams415
183.please tell me now361
184.practice maker perfect386
185.preacher boy345
186.prelude to a kiss419
187.ps i love you1643
189.riffin the scotch580
190.romance in the dark425
191.say it isnt so496
192.say it with a kiss405
193.says my heart396
194.sentimental & melancholy403
196.some other spring365
197.somebodys on my mind464
198.sophisticated lady361
199.speak low461
200.spreadin the rhythm around497
201.stars fell on alabama349
202.stlouis blues445
203.stormy blues428
204.stormy weather395
205.strange fruit353
206.sugar that sugar baby o mine769
208.sun showers413
209.swing, brother swing307
210.tell me more and more and then some336
212.that ole devil called love329
213.thats life i guess529
214.the blues are brewin500
215.the end of a love affair335
216.the man i love408
217.the mood that im in510
218.the moon looks down and laughs371
219.the very thought of you432
220.the way you look tonight388
221.them there eyes396
222.there is no greater love447
223.therell be some changes made449
224.these foolish things357
225.these n that n those452
226.they cant take that away from me465
227.they say381
228.things are looking up608
229.this is heaven to me390
230.this is my last affair411
231.this years kisses627
232.time on my hands422
233.too marvelous for words437
234.travlin all alone543
235.travlin light932
236.twenty-four hours a day443
237.under a blue jungle moon435
238.until the real thing comes along348
239.violets for your furs336
240.weep no more331
241.well be together again550
242.what a little moonlight can do385
243.what a night, what a moon, what a girl450
244.what is this going to get us369
245.what is this thing called love402
246.what shall i say420
247.when a woman loves a man354
248.when its sleepy time down south535
249.when your lover has gone451
250.when youre smiling858
251.where is the sun439
252.wherever you are449
253.who loves you389
254.who wants love416
255.why did i always depend on you346
256.why was i born458
257.willow weep for me421
258.with thee i swing439
259.without your love376
260.yankee doodle never went to town387
262.you aint gonna bother me no more513
263.you better go now347
264.you cant be mine and someone elses too481
265.you cant lose a broken heart537
266.you dont know what love is1102
267.you go to my head419
268.you let me down380
269.you showed me the way347
270.you took advantage of me377
271.your mothers son-in-law740
272.yours and mine424
273.youre a lucky guy567
274.youre gonna see a lot of me578
275.youre just a no account481
276.youre my thrill554
277.youre so desirable520
278.youre too lovely to last462
279.youve changed523
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