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power of desire ark sz

[chris:] fallin for a fantasy
i threw away my destiny
i dont know where to stop
feelin broken-hearted
ill think about it
and to see my eyes
to cry to dry
for ive forced
all this time [2x]
with you, ooh...
[chris:] i was tempted by the power of desire
i surrendered to the calling of the fire
theres nothing i could ever say
to change the things i did
but i promise you
ill make it up to you
[mark:] take me back to yesterday
when all our dreams were swept away
id never crossed that line
i changed across of time
i could never live this way
if only youd forgive
well start again
with all my heart
all my love for you [2x]
[mark & chris: (chorus)]
[mark & chris:] no surrender no return
if only you believe that...
[chris & mark: (chorus)]


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