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nothing but trouble ark sz

let me tell you about this girl that once was mine
once upon a time shes nothing but trouble.
up till now, was a man of common senses.
funny on how i just give up on my defenses, but shes one of a kind.
just a girl that could easily twist your mind, but right now it feels so fine.
shes nothing but trouble
troubles her name.
shes driving me crazy, its kind of insane.
im searching for reason, to let her go.
cause somewhere inside of me i know. shes nothing but trouble.
everyone says ill playing a game with fire, its too late ill just caught up
my desire.
cause shes one of a kind, just a girl that could easily twist your mind.
but right now it feels so fine.
when i look in her eyes, its just hard to anyones advice.
but somewhere i realize.
[chorus: repeat till end]


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