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big star, big star arklar, big star ark szleri
1.baby strange684
2.back of a car440
3.better save yourself411
4.big black car659
5.blue moon568
6.daisy glaze455
7.dont lie to me667
9.dream lover548
11.femme fatale384
12.fight at the table409
13.for you419
14.get away391
15.give me another chance404
17.i am the cosmos479
18.i dont know553
19.i got kinda lost463
20.in the street438
21.im in love with a girl608
22.jesus christ789
24.kizza me531
25.life is white531
26.look up557
27.make a scene416
28.mod lang601
29.morpha too518
30.my life is right392
31.nature boy496
33.o my soul516
34.o, dana860
35.september gurls421
36.shes a mover529
37.speed of sound435
38.st /591
39.stroke it noel464
40.take care840
41.thank you friends464
42.the ballad of el goodo425
43.the india song677
44.the letter475
45.there was a light470
47.though i know she lies395
48.till the end of the day424
49.try again754
50.watch the sunrise543
51.way out west457
52.whats going ahn660
53.when my babys beside me428
54.you and your sister405
55.you and your sister acoustic version391
56.you and your sister country version373
57.you cant have me541
58.you get what you deserve396
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