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tia lupe ark sz

she traps a velvet moth between her harmless hands.
then builds an atrium to perch on her night stand.
she lays to watch her fly.
attracted towards the light.
shes all mine.
its now another day in search for anything.
shell take advantage of any human being.
she loves to watch me fly, attracted toward the light.
shes not mine.
if shed only leave the light on.
breathes under my velvet wings, if she only left the light on.
she brings all that she used to be, if she only left the light on.
i swear its hard to tell if im the only one.
i found a photograph next to the atrium.
its faded black and white.
hes holding her so tight.
shes not mine.
if she only left the light on.
she breathes under my velvet wings.
if she only left the light on.
she brings all that she used to be.
if only she left the light on.
all the powder on your wings make me feel im everything.
and every single evening i love you with the way i sing.
i sing.
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