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sludge factory ark sz

cantrell staley and kinney

you insult me in my home, youre forgiven this time
things go well, your eyes dilate, you shake, and im high?
look in my eyes deep and watch the clouds change with time
20 hours wont print my picture milk carton size
carton size, carton size

call me up congratulations aint the real why
theres no pressure besides brilliance lets say by day 9
endless corporate ignorance lets me control time
by the way, by the way, by the way

once again you see an in, discolored skin gives you away
so afraid you kindly gurgle, out a date for me

now the body of one soul i adore wants to die
you have always told me youd not live past 25
i say stay long enough to repay all who cause strife

once again you see an in, discolored skin gives you away
so afraid you kindly gurgle, out a date for me

(spoken in backround)
"i bear true and an existing witness
to this barrel of monkeys.
a self proclaimed immoral success,
perfected by each whereof
individually deadly and equally so
and spread about the surrendered troops,
for even thousands of miles will not
tear apart their communication, or the lack thereof.
vultures, liars, thieves, each proclaim their innocence
in no suggestion or rhyme, your weapon is contained in
the wrecking of the keeping the desired effect.
the breaking of the spirit thwarts the whole being.
your weapon is guilt, your weapon is guilt, your weapon is guilt.


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