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right turn ark sz

performed by alice mudgarden
jerry cantrell, layne staley, mark arm and chris cornell

(jerry) inside always trying to get back inside
but its so hard to penetrate pig-thick skin

(chris) im bout as low as i can get
id leave but i cant forget
still i wonder why it aint right, mmm it aint right, oooh
aint right, mmm it aint right, yeah

(layne) bout as low as she can get
shell leave me but she wont forget
and she wonders why she aint right, she aint right
aint right, she aint right

(all) now were as low as we can get
cant leave and cant forget
we aint right, we aint right
not right, we aint right

(backround) (chris) well its hard to believe that somebody tricked you
when you can see you were only high
its all up to you so you gamble
flat on your face and into the fire


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