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rain when i die ark sz

cantrell staley kinney and starr

uuuuuuhhhhh! (4x)

is she ready to know my frustration?
what she slippin inside, slow castration
im a riddle so strong, you cant break me
did she come here to try, try to take me

did she call my name?
i think its gonna rain
when i die

was it something i said, held against me?
aint no life on the run, slowly climbing
caught in ice so she stares, stares at nothing
i can help her but wont, now she hates me

she wont let me hide
she dont want me to cry

will she keep on the ground, trying to ground me
slowly forgive my lie, lying to save me
could she love me again, or will she hate me
probly not, i know why, cant explain me

did she call my name?
i think its gonna rain
when i die

uuuuuuuuuhhhh! (fade out)
(fade back in) uuuuuuhhhhh!


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