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big daddy kane, big daddy kane arklar, big daddy kane ark szleri
1. da good tymz377
2. forties and a bottle of moet396
3.aint no half-steppin461
4.aint no stoppin us now675
5.all of me408
6.another victory350
7.big daddy vs dolemite362
8.brooklyn stylelaid out353
9.brother man, brother man337
10.brother, brother325
11.calling mr welfare386
12.cause i can do it right600
13.cause i can do it right355
14.children r the future416
15.chocolate city321
16.come on down338
17.daddys home451
18.dance with the devil436
19.death sentence385
21.djs get no credit652
22.do u really know376
23.dont do it to yourself662
24.down the line451
25.earth, wind & fire330
28.get down382
29.git bizzy356
30.give it to me351
31.groove with it329
32.heal yourself344
33.here comes kane, scoob and scrap361
34.hold it down349
35.how u get a record deal360
36.i get the job done424
37.in the pjs454
38.its a big daddy thing458
39.its hard being the kane457
40.ill take you there608
41.im not ashamed647
42.just rhymin with biz615
43.keep em on the floor470
45.last night episode397
46.let yourself go368
47.live freestyle463
48.long live the kane386
49.looks like a job for352
50.lyrical gymnastics324
51.mister cees master plan491
52.mortal combat409
53.mr pitiful350
54.niggaz never learn424
55.no damn good335
56.on the bugged tip330
57.on the move343
58.pimpin aint easy457
60.prince of darkness306
61.put your weight on it345
62.rap summary lean on me remix404
64.raw 420
65.rest in peace361
66.set it off344
67.sex according to the prince of darkness361
69.show and prove547
70.smooth operator394
71.somebodys been sleeping in my bed597
72.stop shammin611
73.taste of chocolate intro366
74.terra n ya era341
75.thats how i did em503
76.the beef is on340
77.the day youre mine593
78.the house that cee built380
79.the lover in you361
80.the way its goin down419
82.to be your man339
83.troubled man369
84.uncut, pure original and remix270
85.uncut, pure original remix354
86.unda presha366
87.very special328
88.warm it up, kane392
90.who am i420
91.word to the mother land406
92.wrath of kane419
93.wrath of kane live338
94.young, gifted and black348
95.nuff respect remix417
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