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big country, big country arklar, big country ark szleri
1. stars436
2.all go together360
3.all of us389
5.angel park448
7.beat the devil392
8.beautiful people345
9.belief in the small man368
13.blue on a green planet378
14.blue on a green planet cool version370
15.broken heart thirteen valleys395
16.buffalo skinners374
18.chesters farm637
20.close action368
21.come back to me435
22.comes a time307
24.devil in the eye420
25.dive into me362
26.dive into me demo353
27.dont you stay476
28.driving to damascus368
29.dust on the road409
30.dynamite lady356
31.east of eden388
34.everything i need376
35.far from me to you430
36.fields of fire371
37.flame of the west351
38.fly like an eagle453
39.fragile thing489
40.freedom song394
41.from here to eternity434
42.girl with grey eyes367
43.gods great mistake587
44.gods great mistake alternate version496
45.golden boy loves golden girl424
47.harvest home348
48.heart of the world350
49.hold the heart368
50.home come the angels691
51.i could be happy here366
52.i get hurt384
53.i walk the hill550
54.ice cream smile431
55.in a big country349
56.in this place385
57.into the fire328
59.im not ashamed608
60.im only waiting623
61.john waynes dream628
62.just a shadow324
63.keep on dreaming346
64.king of emotion372
65.kiss the girl goodbye463
66.leap of face448
67.living by memories360
68.long way home349
69.look away355
71.lost patrol366
72.made in heaven344
73.magic in your eyes502
74.medicine show352
75.message of love364
76.monday tuesday girl801
77.never take your place471
79.not waving but drowning452
80.one great thing329
81.one in a million402
82.one in a million st visit388
83.over the border367
84.pass me by444
85.peace in our time436
86.perfect world321
87.pink marshmallow moon386
89.post nuclear talking blues376
90.promised land359
91.rain dance364
92.remembrance day318
93.republican party reptile371
94.restless natives351
95.return to the two headed king356
96.river of hope317
97.sail into nothing340
98.save me402
99.see you405
100.send you431
101.seven waves349
102.shattered cross371
104.ships alternate version364
105.somebody else348
106.song of the south364
108.sun and my shadow368
109.take you to the moon458
110.tall ships go352
111.the crossing399
112.the great divide337
113.the hostage speaks337
114.the longest day358
115.the one i love364
116.the president slipped and fell403
117.the red fox393
118.the sailor381
119.the seer422
120.the selling of america378
121.the storm401
122.the teacher593
123.this bloods for you demo568
124.thousand yard stare416
125.thunder & lightning332
126.time for leaving369
127.too many ghosts361
128.trouble the waters346
129.troubled man361
130.were not in kansas454
131.were not in kansas alternate version492
132.what are you working for503
133.when a drum beats398
134.where the rose is sown381
135.wildland in my heart388
136.winding wind421
137.winter sky420
138.without wings383
140.world on fire403
141.you dreamer377
142.you, me and the truth370
143.your spirit to me385
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