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the shining path ark sz

thieves always feel ashamed
when theres nothing left worth stealing
you dont have to turn away
i know exactly what youre feeling
i can hear the screaming
the whispering and scheming
theres no turning back
i aint going back
the bars on fire
but my drinks still on the table
i remember when i thought you had something to say
i remember remember
some are desperate
some are full of hope (remember)
some are vicious
some had lost their homes (remember)
all of them believed in you
but you were nothing but a peddler
i still hear the screaming
the whispering and scheming
theres no turning back
from this shining path
the fields on fire
and the citys infiltrated
i remember
marching to build a brighter day
cant you hear the screaming
cant you hear them screaming
they aint coming back
you cant win them back
after all your lies
they dont owe you nothing
watching the ships burn on the bay
feeling my life drift away


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