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sleep ark sz

how i love to sleep
i was back in mahomet, illinois,
a mongoloid child played with
aa bright orange smurf ball
gurgling to himself contentedly
next to a tree. in the middle
of the street stood a small
repulsive chihuahua-like beast with
huge bulging lascivious eyes and sickly
liver spotted skin. it llifted its tail
and i saw a strange puckered
cuntlike orafice with a tongue.
the beast started whispering to me
beckoning to me. mongo started jumping
up and down screaming. the neighbors
ran to their trailor homes and locked
their doors. i was possessed.
i picked up the beast and
fucked it with uncontrolled lust.
it turned its head and leered at
me as i pumped it again aand again.
it started laughing. suddenly a sharp
striking pain shot deep into my bowels.
i pulled out. the beast, still laughing
deposited a milky afterbirth substance
then ran into the woods. at the base of
my penis, the beasts sphincter was
clamped down hard. i cut it off with a
boyscout knife. the neighbors stared
from their windows. "look at me!" i screamed
"i fuck your neighborhood pets!"
i went home and hid inside my room.
from the window i saw a police car next
to the afterbirth in the street. a fat redneck
cop waddled out of the squad car bent over
picked up a nugget of placenta sniffed it and
said, "yep its been fucked get out an a.p.b.
immediately!" i locked the doors. my belly hurt
more and more. my cock turned grey and liverspotted
like the beast. i squeezed the head and a parasitic
blood worm oozed out. i grabbed the worm
and pulled it out slowly. layers of skin from
my belly to my upper thighs dissolved as i
pulled the worm. like an onion, layer
after layer of epidermis melted off my body with
each tug of the worm. i woke up.
i was pissing straight up into the air through
the semi-erect tissue of a descending piss boner.
it splashed against my stomach and thighs.
god i love to sleep.


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