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joan of arc ark sz

theres lots of things in a human head
that i hope i never have to touch.
she likes the taste of burning flesh,
cannibals eat their love.
im a sucker for romantic stuff.
she peeled the skin right off her face
and left it lying on the bathroom floor.
i put it into my suitcase,
i couldnt leave it like that.
just in case she wants it back.
joan of arc keeps burning up.
its hard to go out with a saint,
whos french and comes from france.
i start to scream i almost faint.
shes got the stigmata,
i want the stigmata.
i give her a marlboro cigarette.
she starts to smoke and smoke and smoke,
sometimes even saints forget.
i dont want to sound like a fascist,
but its wrong to play with matches.
joan of arc keeps burning up.
joan of arc,
you hot little catholic bitch oooh.
youre a martyr from france,
im just an average guy from new jersey.
but we have fire, burning, heat oooh.
youve got the stigmata,
i want the stigmata.
joan of arc keeps burning up.


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