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i got sunshine ark sz

unshine... feels so good

got an easy mood

just relax

cause it feels so free to do

i got sunshine

i feel good today

kinda funny in a special way

cant quite explain

cant seem to get the smile off my face

going down tonight

everything is gonna be alright

but right now im getting down

in the light

ive got high emotions

and its all for you

got this crazy notion

that you feel the same way too

got my dreams in motion

in a sky so blue

and i dont think its gonna rainy today

are you coming out to play

i got sunshine in my life

and it shines so bright

and i feel so high

i can reach the sky

i got sunshine

got things to do

got plans to make for me and you

cause its always cool

to find out theres something new

going down tonight

gonna dance gonna feel alright

Paul:sunshine, feels so good

bringing all the vibe to the neighborhood

so lay right back for an easy mood

do the boogie like you already should

just relax and let it flow right through you

cause it feels so free to do, to do

my head stripping cause i know youre mine

i got sunshine, got sunshine

sunshine, got sweet sunlight

alright, in a shine so bright

sunshine, yeah i feel so high

alright, i can reach the sky

sunshine,cause me and you

alright, and theres something new

sunshine, its a dream come true so i

cause ive got sunshine

cause ive got sunshine

baby ive got sunshine


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