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absu, absu arklar, absu ark szleri
1.a magicians lapis-lazuli591
2.a quest into the th novel555
3.a shield with an iron face461
5.an equinox of fathomless disheartenment500
6.an evolution of horns632
7.an involution of thorns633
8.and shineth unto the cold cometh461
10.customs of tasseomancy quoth the sky, nevermore act i411
11.cyntefyns fountain752
12.descent to acheron evolving into the progression of woe488
13.fantasizing to the third of the pagan vision quoth the sky, nevermore act ii420
14.feis mor tir na nog across the north sea to visnech500
15.four crossed wands spell472
16.from ancient times starless skies burn to ash460
18.highland tyrant attack436
19.infinite and profane thrones460
20.intelligence towards the crown511
21.magicians lapis-lazuli572
23.morbid scream529
24.never blow out the eastern candle430
25.of celtic fire, we are born462
26.our lust for lunar plains nox luna inlustris611
27.pillars of mercy429
28.prelude to cythraul420
29.prelusion to cythraul448
30.she cries the quiet lake426
31.stone of destiny for magh slecht and ard righ418
32.swords and leather462
33.terminus in the eyes of ioldanach501
34.the cognate house of courtly witches lies west of county meath470
35.the coming of war481
36.the infinite and profane thrones353
37.the sun of tiphareth445
38.the thrice is greatest to ninnigal445
39.the winter zephyr565
40.v i t r i o l502
41.vorago spell435
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