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worms and angels ark sz

here and now,
we are alone,
time she will hold her breath,
only the worms and angels,
know our names,
but they have not found us,
although they surround us,
i feel the distance closing.

come along,
for you and i know,
weve lived through the centuries,
weve ridden the darkest horses,
all our lives,
we hunted our enemies,
we fought with a fallacy,
its time we were all gods children.

far away,
the galaxies soar,
the stars are exploding still,
i wish we could fly away,
fly away.

here and now,
for you and i know,
true love is deathless,
these crumbling days are ending,
by my side,
lets walk in the garden,
well sleep in the ivy,
well be with the worms and angels.


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