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beverly craven, beverly craven arklar, beverly craven ark szleri
1.afraid of letting go397
2.blind faith370
3.call me435
4.castle in the clouds411
5.come home to me377
6.everything but the blues356
7.feels like the first time397
8.holding on662
10.i listen to the rain412
11.i miss you471
12.in those days366
13.it doesnt have to end this way469
15.legendary love446
16.look no further532
17.lost without you624
18.love scenes500
19.missing you417
20.mollies song554
21.move on486
22.phoenix from the fire414
23.promise me402
24.say youre sorry600
25.she doesnt need saving554
26.talk to me383
27.the christmas song chestnuts roasting on an open fire365
29.two of a kind376
30.we found a place386
31.woman to woman409
32.youre not the first524
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