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bette midler, bette midler arklar, bette midler ark szleri
1.a dream is a wish your heart makes382
2.all i need to know332
3.all of a sudden343
4.am i blue404
5.as dreams go by297
6.baby its cold outside441
7.baby mine532
8.bang your dead315
9.beast of burden319
10.bed of roses367
11.big noise from winnetka327
12.big socks300
15.bless you child378
16.boogie woogie bugle boy348
19.breaking up somebodys home579
20.buckets of rain with bob dylan356
21.chapel of love500
22.color of roses313
23.come back jimmy dean316
24.come rain or shine349
25.cradle days274
26.daytime hustler339
27.delta dawn333
28.do you want to dance488
30.drinking again324
31.e street shuffle333
32.empty bed blues303
33.every road leads back to you374
34.everythings coming up roses349
35.fat as i am371
36.favorite waste of time348
37.fire down below362
38.for all we know329
39.fried eggsspoken word/hello in there319
41.friends -alternate330
42.from a distance404
43.gift of love323
44.god give me strength325
45.hang on in there baby323
46.he was too good to me/since you stayed here315
47.heart over head316
48.hello in there296
50.hurry on down318
51.i believe in you339
52.i dont want the night to end382
53.i know this town331
54.i know you by heart323
55.i never talk to strangers382
56.i remember you364
57.i remember you/ dixies dream518
58.i shall be released318
59.i sold my heart to the junkman289
60.i think its going to rain today386
61.in my life326
62.in the mood289
63.in these shoes312
64.in this life298
65.is it love320
66.its too late368
67.im beautiful431
68.im hip429
69.im singing broadway427
70.ive still got my health400
71.just my imagination running away with me371
72.keep on rockin483
73.la vie en rose396
74.laughing matters300
75.leader of the pack332
76.let me call you sweetheart588
77.let me drive356
78.let me just follow behind299
79.long john blues335
80.love me with a feeling298
81.love says its waiting647
82.love tko289
83.lullaby in blue356
84.make yourself comfortable312
86.married men362
87.midnight in memphis318
89.miss otis regrets348
90.moonlight dancing335
92.mr goldstone332
93.mr rockefeller419
94.my eye on you349
95.my knight in black leather332
96.my mothers eyes470
97.my one true friend358
98.night and day292
99.no jestering308
100.nobody else but you332
101.oh industry376
102.old cape cod325
103.one for my baby and one more for the road307
104.one monkey dont stop no show532
105.one more round321
106.only in miami322
107.optimistic voices / lullaby of broadway327
108.otto titsling294
109.otto tittsling288
111.ps i love you386
114.roses turn461
115.say goodbye to hollywood367
116.shining star358
117.shiver me timbers/samedi et vendredi394
119.small world345
120.soda and a souvenir334
121.sold my soul to rock and roll315
122.some people340
123.some peoples lives438
124.song of bernadette314
125.spring can really hang you up the most298
126.stay with me308
127.storybook children321
128.strangers in the night534
129.stuff like that there347
130.summer the first time310
132.surabaya johnny305
133.thats how heartaches are made440
134.thats how love moves429
135.the girl is one to you320
136.the glory of love324
137.the last time318
138.the perfect kiss399
139.the rose550
140.to comfort you376
141.to deserve you354
142.together, wherever we go368
144.ukulele lady355
145.under the boardwalk319
146.up the ladder to the roof304
147.uptown/dont say nothing bad about m385
148.when a man loves a woman315
149.when your life was low336
150.whose side are you on361
151.wind beneath my wings354
152.yellow beach umbrella313
153.you cant always get what you want405
154.you dont know me465
155.your love keeps liftin me higher347
156.youll never get away from me633
157.youre moving out today407
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