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new low ark sz

i am the spawn of a new world order
i am the place that the burnouts go
i feed the minds of your sons and daughters
and ill take you to a new low
im the stranger walking through your pretty neighborhood
id like to make my dark intentions clearly understood
so hide your children in that sheltered world that you create
ill light their fuses and ill help them all to detonate

just like a little boy on daddys shoulders
you thought youd touch the sky until you got much older
now everything turns black and so much colder
the weight of this cruel world will crush you like a boulder

im just a product of your gluttony and growing greed
so join the masses and ill take care of your every need
i know your hunger and the meaning to your foolish rhymes
youre going hungry and with me its always dinner time

take a deep breath and close your eyes
open your mind and youll realize
youre just a pawn of tiny size
and nobody cares


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