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were not making love no more ark sz
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were not making love no more ark sz

verse one:
sure ive been in love a time or two
but in the end i still chose you
no one could ever make me feel this way
thats why its killing me, what were going through
somehow thought tween me and you
our love would stand the test of time and never ever fade

but were not making love no more
were not even trying to change
tell me how it slips away
does it ever stay the same
we dont even talk no more
weve ran out of words to say
tell me it dont have to change
wont it ever stay the same

verse two:
girl i know that things arent going right
but dont you think it deserves a fight
a love like ours dont happen everyday
and were losing it right as we speak
and if we dont wake up, its a memory
a time gone past, a love that sailed away


i dream of lovers past and
i see a girl so sad cause
she lost the only man she loved
he went away
well its not too late for us
to change



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