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vital star ark sz

leaving the lives that have made us
a wish in our eyes as we go
tomorrow will speak for us
wanting today
finding strength as we take hold
when time comes to reach for a star
how seemingly endless
and dark space can be
look straight ahead through the blackness
so brilliant the light you will see!

weve already chosen our direction
standing out ground
while clouds take us high
some not as fortune
hearts still asleep
can we stir their blood?
can we teach them to fly?

our elders have seen us grow strong
a wish of the past
has proven to be
us, vital,
we keep them alive
as we remain loyal
to our destiny

vital star
a sanctum deep within our souls
lights the way
reach within
youre not alone
this lifeblood flows inside us all
infant dreams need full attention
half a heart beats half as fast
half as fast


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