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the glass prison reflection ark sz

cunning, baffling, powerful
been beaten to a pulp
vigorous, irresistable
sick and tired and laid low
dominating, invisible
black-out, loss of control
overwhelming, unquenchable
im powerless, have to let go

i cant escape it
it leaves me frail and worn
can no longer take it
senses tattered and torn

hopeless surrender
obsessions got me beat
losing the will to live
admitting complete defeat

fatal descent
spinning around
ive gone too far
to turn back round

desperate attempt
stop the progression
at any length
lift this obsession

crawling to my glass prison
a place where no one knows
my secret lonely world begins

so much safer here
a place where i can go
to forget about my daily sins

life here in my glass prison
a place i once called home
fall in nocturnal bliss again

chasing a long lost friend
i no longer can control
just waiting for this hopelessness to end


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