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one last time ark sz

it doesnt make any sense
this tragic ending
in spite of the evidence
theres something still missing

heard some of the rumors told
a taste of ones wealth
did victoria wound his soul?
did she bid him farewell?

one last time
well lay down today
one last time
until we fade away
one last time
well lay down today
one last time
we slowly fade away

here i am inside his home
it holds the many clues
to my suspicions
and as im standing here right now
im finally shown what i have always known

coincidence i cant believe
as my childhood dreams slowly come true

are these her memories
awakened through my eyes
this house has brought back to life

an open door
i walk on through
into his bedroom

feeling as cold as outside
the walls disappear
to some woman whos screaming
a man pleads forgiveness
his words i cannot hear


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