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the smile of dawn
arrived early may
she carried a gift from her home
the night shed a tear
to tell her of fear
and of sorrow and pain
shell never outgrow
death is the first dance, eternal

theres no more freedom
the both of you will be confined to this mind

i was told theres a miracle for each day that i try
i was told theres a new love thats born for each one that has died
i was told thered be no one to call on when i feel alone and afraid
i was told if you dream of the next world
youll find yourself swimming in a lake of fire

as a child, i thought i could live without pain without sorrow
as a man ive found its all caught up with me
im asleep yet im so afraid

somewhere like a scene from a memory
theres a picture worth a thousand words
eluding stares from faces before me
it hides away and will never be heard of again

deceit is the second without end

the citys cold blood teaches us to survive
just keep my heart in your eyes and well survive

the third arrives...

before the leaves have fallen
before we lock the doors
there must be a third and last dance
this one will last forever
metropolis watches and thoughtfully smiles
shes taken you to your home

it can only take place
when the struggle between our children has ended
now the miracle and the sleeper know that the third is love

love is the dance of eternity


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