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lie ark sz

at the bottom of lake
its a hundred degrees i cant breathe
and i wont get out
til i figure it out
though im weak like i cant believe
so you tell me "trust me" l can trust you
just let me show you
but i gotta work it out in a shadow of doubt
cause i dont know if i know you
doing fine but dont waste my time
tell me what it is you want to say
you sin, you win, just let me in--hurry
ive been out in the rain all day
so you tell me "trust me" i can trust you as far as i can throw you
and im trying to get out of a shadow of doubt
cause i dont know if i know you

dont tell me you wanted me
dont tell me you thought of me
i wont, i swear i wont
i11 try, i swear ill try

mother mary quite contrary
kiss the boys and make them wary
things are getting just a little bit scarry
its a wonder i can still breathe
never been much of a doubting thomas
but nothing breaks like a broken promise
you tell me bout your two more coming
but once is just enough for me

i had gotten used to being a soul destroyed
she comes in apparently to fill the void
all dogs need a leash and
at least ill forget it
and she would never hurt me though
shes never said it
but im not gonna ask her today
i dont wanna scare her away
your town, im all alone
and i just cant stare at the phone
i wanna talk about lifelong mistakes
and you can tell your stepfather i said so


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