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innocence ark sz

i remember a time
my frail virgin mind
watched the crimson sunrise
imagined what it might find
life was filled with wonder
i felt the warm wind blow
i must explore the boundaries
transcend the depth of winters snow
innocence caressing me
i never felt so young before
there was so much life in me
still i longed to search for more
but those days are gone now
changed like a leaf on a tree
blown away forever
into the cool autumn breeze
the snow has now fallen
and my suns not so bright
i struggle to hold on
with the last of my might
in my den of inequity
viciousness and subtlety
struggle to ease the pain
struggle to find the sane
ignorance surrounding me
ive never been so filled with fear
all my lifes been drained from me
the end is drawing near....


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