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the sleeper:
shine- lake of fire
lines take me higher
my mind drips desire
confined and overtired

living this charade
is getting me nowhere
i cant shake this charade
the citys cold blood calls me home
homeits what i long for
back homewhere i belong

the city- it calls to me
decadent scenes from my memory
sorrow- eternity
my demons are coming to drown me

help- im falling, im crawling
i cant keep away from its clutch
cant have it, this habit
its calling me back to my home

the miracle:
i remember the first time she came to me
poured her soul out all night and cried

i remember i was told theres a new love thats born
for each one that has died

i never thought that i
could carry on with this life
but i cant resist myself
no matter how hard i try

living their other life
is getting them nowhere
ill make her my wife
her sweet temptation calls me home
homeits what i long for
my homewhere she belongs

her ecstasy- means so much to me
even decieving my own blood
victoria watches and thoughtfully smiles
shes taking me to my home

help- hes my brother, but i love her
i cant keep away from her touch
deception, dishonor
its calling me back to my home

her story- it holds the key
unlocking dreams from my memory
solving this mystery
is everything that is a part of me

help- regression, obsession
i cant keep away from her touch
leave no doubt, to find out
its calling me back to my home


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