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disappear ark sz

why, tell me the reasons why
try, still i dont understand
will i ever feel this again
blue sky, ill meet you in the end
free them, free the memories of you
free me, and rest til im with you

a day like today
my whole world has been changed
nothing you say
will help ease my pain

turn, ill turn this slowly round
burn, burn to feel alive again
she, shed want me to move one
see me, this place i still belong
give chase, to find more than i have found
and face, this time now on my own

days disappear
and my world keeps changing
i feel you here
and it keeps me sane

so im moving on
ill never forget
as you lay there and watched me
accepting the end
i knew you were scared
you were strong i was trying
i gave you my hand
i said its okay letting go time to leave here
and ill carry on
the best that i can without you here beside me
let him come and take you home


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